Saturday, March 17, 2012

In the Kitchen

This morning I filled the crock pot with vegetables and stew meat.  I decided to not make it a chore like I usually do.  I didn't procrastinate and say "Oh I don't have time to do all that.  We'll have that meal another day."  No, today, I decided to take my time and find some joy in the mundane.

I peeled the carrots first.  The little slivers of peel came off so easily as I slid the blade across the carrots.  It was so pleasing to see the rough exterior give way to bright orange carrot underneath. "What a pretty color," I thought.  After cutting potatoes and onions, I mixed everything with the meat and seasonings, added a can of bright red tomatoes and put the lid on the crock pot and congratulated myself for planning ahead.

I remembered the almost overly ripe strawberries in the refrigerator.  I'd better wash them so we'll eat them today before they spoil.  I took out a fresh cutting board and a clean knife.  How pretty the green leaves were against the red berries.  I almost hated to separate them.  I halved the berries, sprinkled a little sugar on them, put a lid on the bowl, and set them on the table.

We once lived in a town known for its strawberry farms and annual strawberry festival.  I learned there that room temperature berries taste best so I left mine on the table so the sugar could draw out the juices.

Hmm..maybe we need to plan a visit to our former town in May and buy berries directly from the farmers.  Until then there's a little bowl of strawberry goodness shipped from Florida waiting for us on the table.

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